Your Guide to Jordan

Why to visit Jordan?

  •  A small geographical area with a diverse product
  •  Favorable Geographical location, four hours flight from Europe
  • Venues unparalleled anywhere else in the world: special events; a wide selection of adventures, from 4×4 trips through the desert to climbing, hiking, and camel caravans; diving in the Red Sea; and “Green Tourism” through protected attractions and nature reserves.
  •  A panorama of magnificent landmarks of bygone civilization… Natural Wonders including: – The lowest point on earth, The Dead Sea – Rich Coral Reefs of the Red Sea – The inspiring landmark Wadi Rum
  • A variety of luxurious five star accommodation facilities
  • The country’s cultural wealth is open to all in museums and art galleries…
  •  Petra, the world wonder
  • Excellent SPA facilities at the lowest point on earth, the (Dead Sea)…
  • Varied & exciting local & international cuisines
  • Jordanian hospitality and safe environment is world renowned…
Jordan- Anything from authentic to eccentric.
Let us introduce you to a place that has remained refreshingly untouched, a land filled with antiquity, natural beauty, warmth, and tradition, where people still smile and greet visitors as if they are family. This is our Jordan! A fascinating destination benefiting from an incredibly diverse landscape and filled with attractions, both natural and man-made packed with history, culture, religion, nature reserves, beaches, desert and adventure. Jordan has something for everyone.
The official language in Jordan is Arabic. However, English is widely spoken across the Kingdom. Other languages are spoken on smaller scale such as Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and German.
Location & Population
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan covers 89,342 square kilometers and the population in Jordan has been growing rapidly over the last 50 years to (6,318,000 million people) with 2,315,000 million living in the capital city, Amman alone.
Safe Sanctuary. Today, this friendly, peaceful nation is among the most prosperous in the Middle East. The population is cosmopolitan and highly educated; traditions of hospitality run deep, and Jordanians are simultaneously pro-Western and pro-Arab, strongly committed to peace in the region. In fact, Jordanians keep repeating the motto “Amn wa Aman” which means safety and security. Let us invite you to come and explore Jordan.
Shopping in Amman can be the most exciting activity to do! Amman also has a big number of malls such as: Swefieh Mall, Swefieh Avenue Mall, Mecca Mall, City Mall, Baraka Mall, Taj Mall and many other shopping centers.

When you buy goods in Jordan, the purchase price includes a sales tax of 16% which is similar to VAT. Nevertheless, if you are a tourist from outside Jordan you can receive a sales tax refund on the goods you purchase so you can enjoy your holiday shopping in Jordan with such great savings!

The climate of Jordan is a combination of the Mediterranean and arid desert climate. The north and west of the country has the Mediterranean climate, while the desert climate dominates most of the country. All in all, the weather is hot and dry in the summertime but mild and humid in the winter. Climate in Jordan is diverse, where the dry tropical climate covers The Jordan Valley, the warm temperate and Mediterranean climate is the most dominant in the mountain highlands.
Visas and requirements to visit Jordan. 
Passport Validity: minimum 6 months beyond the length of your travel.

Non-restricted nationalities can get the entry visa to Jordan on arrival at Amman QAIA Airport, Aqaba International Airport, Sheikh Hussein Border or Wadi Araba Border and Allenby/King Hussein Bridge land borders. Visa on arrival at this border is not existing therefore all travelers who wants to enter here has to arrange the visa in advance through Jordanian embassy or consulate.

Cost of single entry visa: 40 JOD (60 USD ) per person

Guests escorted by a tour guide throughout the trip are exempted to visa charges if they stay at least 2 nights in Jordan.

The information provided on this article is meant as a guideline, info can change without prior notice. You can contact us for more updated information.

Departure Tax

By Land
Sheikh Hussein Bridge, King Hussein Bridge and Araba Border→ USD 15.00 or JOD 10.00
By Sea
Aqaba Port → USD 15.00 or JOD 10.00


Queen Alia International Airport: The Kingdom’s main gateway, about 40 minutes away from the city center. It has ATMs, currency exchange counters, luggage services, a post office and even Car-rental agencies. In the departure, there is a Duty free market that includes Dead Sea products, Arabian desserts and many other products. Our representative will be in the airport to meet and assist you, our driver will drive you to your hotel or whatever your tour consists of.

Aqaba International Airport: Where occasional charter flights from Europe stop.


Via King Hussein Bridge (Allenby)
Located in the southern Jordan Valley near the city of Jericho, and connects the West Bank with Jordan.
Via Sheikh Hussein
Sheikh Hussein crossing /North Border is 90km away from Amman. It is located in the north, close to Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee)
Via Araba Border (Yitzhak Rabin)
Wadi Araba Crossing/South Border, located in the south, 324km away from Amman, connecting the two Red Sea resorts of Eilat and Aqaba.
From Aqaba, Jordan’s only port on the red sea for every international cruise lines. As Jordan has no land borders with Egypt, the journey involves a short boat ride from either Nuweiba or Taba to Aqaba or vice-versa.
The Royal Jordanian ( is Jordan’s national airline, which was named one of the top 10 safest airlines in the world in 2013 by, the world’s best one-stop airline safety and product rating review website. It has direct flights to most major European cities and all Middle Eastern capitals, also has flights from Amman to Aqaba twice a day.

Air Transport

geaa (golden eagle aviation academy)

Golden Eagle Aviation Academy (GEAA) is the first Helicopter training academy in Jordan, and one among the few academies in the Middle East which provides high standards pilots training programs and is an Authorized Training Center (ATC) by the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

All air taxi services and helicopter pilot training at GEAA are provided by a professional retired Royal Jordanian Air Force pilots and technicians possessing wide experience on helicopter flying and maintenance in addition to the knowledge of Jordan area topography and weather. 

GEAA has initiated VIP Air Taxi, Sightseeing, and Ariel Photography as one of its kind services in Jordan, with the aim to provide clients with unforgettable experience and quality services with high level of professionalism and standards.

GEAA  is an Authorized Training Center (ATC) by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Health Care
Jordan has excellent medical facilities and modern hospitals especially in Amman. Health-care in Jordan is of a high standard and emergency treatment in public hospitals is free. Hospitals in major cities are modern and well-equipped. Elsewhere are also good with well-trained physicians as well, moreover, All towns have basic health centers. Pharmacies are easily found with a good variety of international and local medicines, pharmacists can also give advice in minor health issues. Ambulance number in Jordan is 911. Contact your embassy or consulate in case of any emergency.

Before travelling it is recommended to check your health condition as well as your government’s foreign office website for Jordan.

Travelling with Medication
If you are bringing medications across any of Jordan’s borders, make sure you have them in their original clearly labelled containers, it is also recommended to have a signed and dated letter from your physician describing your medical conditions and medications.
You are recommended to have insurance before travelling to Jordan. Make sure it offers direct payment to health providers in Jordan and assistance in locating the nearest source of medical help.
Travel with Children
Bringing the kids with you to see Jordan’s spectacular sites and try its lifetime experiences will definitely enrich their view on the world. However, it is important to note that it is not recommended to travel in the hottest times in summer with children, the perfect season to visit Jordan for children is spring.
Best Regions for Kids
  • Amman- The Royal Automobile Museum and Children’s Museum in Amman
  • Jordan Museum located in Amman. 
  • Dead Sea

It will be a cheerful experience for the kids to swim in and float in the salty water’s natural buoyancy.

  • Madaba, Ajloun and KERAK
Seeing all the ancient mosaics, walking through the castles paths and halls would be a very enriching experience for them
  • Petra

The kids will be excited having the whole experience of visiting Petra, riding horses or camels and communicating with the locals.

  • Aqaba

Swimming in Aqaba’s warm water will be a thrilling experience for children of any age, older ones can snorkel and view the beautiful corals and sea creatures as well.

  • Wadi Rum

What a unique experience your kids can have in Wadi Rum! Camel rides, Jeep adventures, sand-boarding and even Bedouin activities.

Travelers with Disabilities
In 2016, it was a proud achievement for Jordan, that the Jordanian athlete Maha Barghouthi won Jordan’s first Olympic gold medal in Sydney Paralympics. Even though Streets of Jordan are still not an ideal place for people with disabilities, However locals are very helpful. But since Jordan’s attractions involve long walks and lots of stairs in archaeological sites, they can have tailor-made trips designed for them in places that suite them accompanied with people for assistance. They can visit Petra on Horse-drawn carriages and access the main sites, they can even go diving with the Royal Diving Club in Aqaba. The Jordanian government has also legislated that wheelchair access must be added to all new public buildings.
Further Reading
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Thank you for reading.

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